The only thing that is certain about the future of mankind is that there will be change. For many years now, our society and culture have been undergoing unprecedented transformations, thanks in part to the effects of improving technology. For some, the accelerating pace of change seems disconcerting, maybe even frightening. Such people see upheaval and chaos rather than renaissance and revolution. But for many of us, there is an altogether different feeling, a feeling that there has never been a more exciting time to be alive.

In the field of medicine in particular, there is cause for great optimism. We have never had greater power for restoring, maintaining, and extending health, and yet the big payoff is clearly still ahead of us. Each year that passes marks a new record for medical research funding, and the impetus to greatly increase that funding is gaining strength daily.

Many scientists now believe that, given enough time and money, most or all of today's major illnesses and causes of death might one day be cured through increasingly precise, molecular-based technology. Perhaps more startlingly, it even seems possible that the aging process itself (which is beginning to look less mysterious and more like other diseases) might also be cured through medical means, maybe even during this century. In time, human beings might live such long, healthy lives that they begin to view the current average lifespan of nearly 80 years much as we view the less than 25 year lifespan of prehistoric humans (i.e., short -- far too short).

Trans Time was founded to help people bridge the technological gap that exists between the medical technology as it exists today and the medical technology that will exist in the future.